The Claude Fund

This fund was created to enable our members go on an outing once a year during summer to make them feel special. We are saving to take our members to the cinema and seaside this summer, please help us make this possible for them by making a donation. It is very expensive to rent a bus, additional carers costs etc. Please input a number to multiply by £10 to the value you wish to donate, e.g. for £50 input 5 in the box instead of 1. We are grateful for your support.


Charitable Donations

Charitable donations to Brightstars to support our work which includes providing a safe and autism friendly environment for young people with autism to express themselves through dance, music, sports therapy, African drumming and singing thus giving them confidence and encouraging their communication and social interactions. We also offer the parents and carers a place to relax and network. You can donate as much as you want, £10 is just the minimum. Thank you so very much.


Here are  some examples of how  you can support us

  • If you wish to donate by cheque, cash or bank transfer,  please contact us for details of  our Charity Bank Account.
  • You can donate Musical instruments 
  • Volunteer 1-2hrs a week on a Saturday  (11am – 1pm)
  • Help us raise funds by hosting an event at your workplace, church or club.
  • Sponsor one of our events and or sessions e.g. a sports session, an art class,  picnic at the park, movement thearpy, etc.

Many thanks

This is not a comprehensive list, please phone us to discuss the various ways you can support us. Details on the contact page.  Contact Us