CSL Black Tie Event at Churchill War Rooms

Huge thanks to Justine and Elias for a wonderful black tie event on Tuesday 29th January 2019 – CSL Annual Dinner.  Met some amazing people from the CSL Leadership Community including Change Markers, Fellows, Clients from the corporate industry and community leaders, etc.  It was a unique opportunity to connect and reflect with some great people collectively and individually.  My team TABLE A has bragging rights as we won the first game of the evening.  The theme for the event was War and Peace held at the Churchill War Rooms in the underground bunker used during World War II.  We at Brightstars are very grateful to our patron Justine and CSL for this great opportunity.  We are appreciative of their support.  Not many organisations or individuals pay attention to small community clubs like ours so for that we extend our deepest appreciation to Justine and CSL.  

BRIGHTSTARS!  EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  #brightstars   #csl    #centreforsynchronousleadership

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